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You only plan a shop?

If you don’t have an online shop, go to the WooCommerce MVP page with details on how to launch a successful project.

Who we are

We are a team of website developers with 3+ years of experience in all types of WordPress development solutions.

We are helping our clients to have a fast, scalable website: from enterprise business websites to online stores, from end-to-end development to support & optimization of an existing website. Our experience & expertise are the tools, WordPress codex, agile architecture & SEO are our principles.

Business websites & online stores developed
Complex integrations completed
Compatibility and load speed issues fixed
eCommerce platforms scaled
Custom plugins created

Support and improvement. Services

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Light support

Includes regular updates, help in filling out the content, implementation of simple features. This service is carried out on a monthly basis or upon request.


We speed up, optimize and bring to life WooCommerce shops in any condition.

Complex development

Complex support means the development of custom functions and the implementation of unique requests specifically for your shop.

  • Adjusting payment methods, integration with shipping aggregators.
  • Catalog enhancement: filtering, additional attributes, output.
  • Implementation of complex discount programs based on coupons and certain levels of customers.
  • Customization of the product page of any complexity. Adding custom blocks on the product page: the terms of delivery, possible discounts, etc.
  • Checkout customization: non-standard forms, fields, delivery methods, payments, discounts, etc.
  • Integration with any order processing software, CRM, etc.
  • Integration with any analytics systems such as Google, Protoco, etc.
  • MailChimp Funnel Automation Integration.

Plugin and theme development

Plugins. We can implement any function of the shop as a plugin. You can then reuse them in multiple shops or a multisite shop.

Themes. If you want to make a comprehensive redesign of your online shop, we can help you. We draw up a technical specification taking into account everything you have now and organize a smooth move.

Functionality for the admin panel

We have experience of cooperation with large online shops (1000000 sq km). And we are ready to help you with the implementation of the best practices on your request.

  • Adding the integration of your admin panel with a warehouse (to quickly navigate on which shelf / rack the necessary goods are located).
  • Adding the function of printing checks / TTN / Packing Slip stickers with necessary information.
  • Adding functionality to organization of inventory.
  • Recording export of goods in a convenient form.
  • Recording sales data in a usable format.
  • Coupon/discount usage statistics.
Implementation of SEO edits

We implement SEO edits on any code base. We regularly work with our SEO partners and know best practices.


Custom services eCommerce project

Long-running successful cooperation

Three years of successful cooperation where we drastically improved the page speed and developed custom functionality on the eCommerce website.

Visual Flow

Data Science, Consulting

Elaborate website development from scratch

Development from scratch of a large high-quality website for Data Science services and consulting. The website features animation and elaborate functionality. We also provided page speed optimization and implemented SEO principles.

WeAreWhy ltd

Design Agency

White-label development & 24/7 support

Website development from scratch, with adding new functionality to the released project. We provided 24/7 tech support: fixing issues in real time, and implemented page speed optimization and SEO principles. We worked on over 18 websites.



Pelican Containers (Philippines)

“My project needed a separate approach, as the successful performance of the site required a lot of major revisions, the team made efforts, suggested several options out of the situation, and successfully implemented them. Thank you for your work!”

Alex Burak

VisualFlow, IBA Group (CZ)

“The team has fast and clear communication, therefore all tasks and deadlines were fulfilled. And also the whole team has a professional view of the processes. Thank you for your help!”

James Kent

WeAreWhyltd (UK)

“WPWP.bz have provided us with ongoing support for over 2 years on many web projects. The projects have ranged from marketing websites through to complex developments built from the ground up. Over the course of our working…”

Dmitry Naumenko

Parroty (Latvia)

“Our team needed to quickly and accurately launch our project. The wpwp.bz team made it happen and helped us implement everything in time.”

Gray Clark

Task Force 31 (UK)

“We are extremely pleased with the services rendered for our website. Communication was swift and efficient. All of our needs were met in a timely manner and the tasks were completed exactly they way we wanted. Very happy with all of our results”

Yanna Berman Erez

Urban Mamaz (Israel)

“I worked with WPWP team on a few web development and redesign projects and they have provided an ongoing support for over a year now. As someone that has worked with many…”

Budget optimization

For 11 years of working with WooCommerce shops we know how to work with all popular plugins. Thus, we don`t offer you to create plugins or themes from scratch, if we know that you can save money and use already existing solutions.

Technical approach

We understand that the online store is not something you can turn off, put on pause and slowly make changes. That’s why we take a strict and proven approach over the years.

Technical details

  • We use a version control system. It optimizes change control and reduces confusion.
  • We upload using deploy scripts that reduce probability of downtime and the possibility of accidentally not uploading a file via FTP.
  • There are separate domains for every single feature. It is possible to test and upload things that work instead of waiting for huge releases once a month.
  • Any code update (even a third-party plugin update) firstly occurs in a safe environment, it is carefully tested and only then it affects production.
  • The code is automatically checked for compliance with coding standards accepted in the industry.

Experienced developers with a focus ONLY on WordPress

  • We don`t spread ourselves over a million technologies and languages.
  • We thoroughly know the internal capabilities, the application life cycle, all the necessary hooks (actions, filters).
  • We follow the WordPress Codex.
  • Architecture design occurs only by leads.
  • New developers are connected to a commercial project only after having 2-3 examples of solving similar problems under the supervision of experienced leads.
  • We know the existing plugins, so we don`t suggest reinventing the wheel. We will always offer to install a ready-made plugin and supplement it a little if necessary, instead of creating it from scratch. It’s faster, cheaper and more honest.

Own DevOps and full stack developers

  • A full-time DevOps engineer (also with a focus on WordPress and any WordPress-oriented hostings) will close ALL issues with server infrastructure, hosting, databases, backups, automation, security and performance.
  • It is possible to connect experienced full-stack developers to solve “unsolvable” problems.

Quality assurance (QA)

  • Multi-level quality control process — a developer, a lead, a project manager, a quality control engineer and once again a PM on demo.
  • We always test not only the function that we are doing now, but also go through critical paths and Use Cases. It takes a little longer, but pays off in the long run.
  • For especially important and large projects, it is possible to implement automatic end-to-end tests.


10+ hours

Custom Payment method

15-20 hours

Custom shipping method

25-30 hours

Checkout customization

10+ hours

Product/catalog customizations

Frequently asked questions

What is the estimated timeline for the development of my new WooCommerce store?

The estimated timeline for the development of a new WooCommerce store can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the amount of custom features and functionality required, and other factors such as design and content creation. Typically, the development process can take several weeks to a few months, but a more accurate estimate can be provided after a thorough evaluation of the project requirements.

Can you help me set up payment and shipping options for my WooCommerce store?

Yes, we can definitely help you set up payment and shipping options for your WooCommerce store. We have experience working with a variety of payment gateways and shipping providers, and can help you choose the ones that best fit your business needs. We can also configure the options and settings to ensure that the checkout process is seamless and user-friendly for your customers.

Can you help me integrate my WooCommerce store with other third-party tools and platforms?

Yes, we can help you. We have experience working with a variety of plugins and APIs to connect your store with popular platforms such as CRM systems, email marketing tools, and more. Our technical team will ensure a smooth integration to provide a seamless user experience for your customers.

Do you offer ongoing support and maintenance services for my WooCommerce store after the initial development?

Yes, we do. Our support services include regular backups, software updates, security checks, and bug fixes to ensure that your store is running smoothly and efficiently. We also provide technical support and guidance to help you optimize your store and grow your business.


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